A Conversation with David S. Kunz, USN Ret.

by Dave Ward | Charge the Summit


Dave Kunz is my Grandfather. The man who has molded me into the man who I am today. He’s 97 now, and can’t really see any more. Perhaps the only benefit to his loss of sight is that he can’t see me recording him, which allows him to be free flowing with the conversation.

I have hours of these conversations. Most of them are for me and my family, but I wanted to share this one with you. It’s about his experience in World War II. It’s long, but interesting. He began as a Mormon Missionary in Germany during the rise of Hitler, and ended up as an Intelligence Officer in the US Navy serving in the Pacific Theater.

One of Many World War II Interviews with my Grandfather


It is a life well lived. A life of service and honor.

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