That Place Where God Is

by Dave Ward | Charge the Summit

That Place Where God Is | by Dave Ward of

The Ocean. It’s where I found Him. I spent most of my life just generally confused about my spirituality. I believed in “something,” but I couldn’t figure out what. “The Universe” sounded nice. That sounded like something that allowed a higher power to influence my life, was non-committal, and didn’t have a lot of rules. If you know me, you know I don’t like being told what to do…at all. The concept that in order to know God, one must stand up or sit down at the right time made no sense to me, so I largely rejected organized religion.

In March of 2014, a friend recommended the book Jesus > Religion by Jefferson Bethke. This book changed how I viewed God. I recognized that, at least for me, the rules and structure of organized religion weren’t going to work. I didn’t need that. I needed God. But, where to find Him?

I started surfing in 2011, and I noticed right away the peace that it brought into my life. I came out of the water refreshed and renewed. Was it possible that’s where God had been all along? So, one day in 2014, I decided to baptize myself. I paddled out and just surrendered my life to God and His plan. I do that every time I surf now. Since that time, certain parts of my life have been turned upside down. But, I have a sense of calm and peace during these difficult times that I never had before.

I have Faith that His plan for my life is simply unfolding piece by beautiful piece. One by one they don’t make much sense, but I have come to understand they’re like puzzle pieces. If I take them and put them together they make sense. They “fit.” I know my life has purpose, because He has told me so. And so, even as I endure difficult times, I have Faith.

Here’s a little video of one of those beautiful glassy mornings where God graced me with some fun little waves for me and my Rusty 9’8″ stand up to enjoy.


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