Who am I?

ChargetheSummit.com | Dave Ward

BRECK SUMMIT [I’m the dude on the right]

You are likely reading this “Who Am I? page for at least one of a few reasons:

  1. You’re interested in who I am [Thanks…that’s awesome).
  2. You want to know what this site is all about.
  3. You want to know why you should bother with it…in short, “What’s in this for me?”
  4.                                                         [fill in the blank].

Here are your answers:

  1. I’m Dave Ward, a retired lawyer turned marketer that spends a lot of time doing cool shit. [Here’s Chapter 1 of 1 of My Story.]
  2. To help YOU to do more cool shit.
  3. To have the passion, time, money, independence, mindset, skill, strength, and leadership skills to write your own rules, achieve your own success, and do more cool shit [and maybe start a site like this to help other people do more cool shit.]
  4. Message me.