Why Nixon was Right: A Life with Purpose

by Dave Ward | The Fit Club Network

Richard Milhous Nixon. A universally hated figure, right?

I mean, everyone hated this guy. The first – and only – U.S. President to resign the seat. Clearly ordered myriad illegal activities to oppose his many enemies, and he bombed the hell out of Vietnam after foiling Johnson’s attempts to end that war. He vehemently denied it, but there’s not much doubt about it – Nixon was a crook.

How could Nixon have possibly been right? Here’s the thing to understand…

On many levels, Nixon was massively successful. It cannot be denied that this man pulled himself up from his bootstraps from modest beginnings in California all the way to the Presidency of the United States. Successful people are successful because of how they think. Nixon ultimately toppled himself because of his paranoia. But, watch this clip from his 1977 interview with David Frost. He understood one fundamental thing – that life is about “purpose.” It’s not about the trappings you can collect…it’s about having a life with purpose.


Nixon was right…about this one point. A life without purpose really isn’t worth living.

What are you doing now? What is your purpose? Are you collecting trinkets or building something that will last far beyond your death?

Purpose is the key to success. So, what’s yours?

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