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by Dave Ward | Charge the Summit

So, how does health, fitness and nutrition fit in here at Charge the Summit? First and foremost, this site is about getting better. It’s about learning, growing, and always improving yourself. That starts with YOU. So, Charge the Summit is definitely in part a men’s health and fitness blog.

Your body is the most incredible machine. It will run on Twinkies and Ho Ho’s if that’s what you feed it. But, it won’t run very well and it will break down a lot faster than if you feed it lean protein, whole foods, and Superfood nutrition.

The other day I was rocking up and down some single track mountain bike trails in East San Diego and decided to pull over and film this quick video explaining why health, fitness and nutrition are so important to me and why they will be a big focus here.


So, here’s to riding faster, skiing better, surfing bigger and charging harder.

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