Time Management Tips: You’re Doing it Wrong

Dave Ward | Charge The Summit


One of the topics people ask me to talk about most is time management. I have to say, most coaches approach it from a flawed perspective. Right off the bat, they bombard people with information, strategies and tools to help people find more time.

I start somewhere else. To me, time management isn’t so much about having the best tool. It’s not most impacted by having the best strategy. Fundamentally, time management is about understanding your priorities.

About a year ago, I created Get it Done. Go Have Fun as a way to help people enjoy their lives more. It is a time management seminar that will help you hone in on your priorities, THEN give you some strategies and tools to help you stay focused and get your work done so you can go have fun.

If you’re struggling with time management, head over to www.getitdonegohavefun.com and pick up some time management tips. They’ll help you get things realigned and so you can enjoy more of your life. You only have one, remember.

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