My Fitness: Lower Body Workouts

by Dave Ward | Charge The Summit


I work out…a lot. And, I love it. One of the reasons I love it is that I can see the end game. I know what I want to get out of all my workouts. Sure, I sometimes do workouts/nutrition plans for vanity. But, most of the time my training is focused on whatever sport I’m really into at the time.

Starting in late November, I started doing a lot of lower body workouts. First, it was to get ready for ski season. [It was a helluva ski season!]. In January, I went Heli-Skiing in British Columbia and to Breckenridge. Then, Park City with my son in February. And, finally I wrapped up March with trips to Mammoth, Mt. Bachelor [Oregon], and Alta [Utah].

Now, I’m shifting gears to Mountain Biking. The workouts are very similar, but I’m getting in a lot of cardio riding the bike. That’s a ton of fun and I continue to get stronger.

Here’s a little video about what lower body workouts I do and why:

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